International Freight Shipping for Art Works

International Freight Shipping for Art Works

The transportation of any works of art of great value from one country to another can be quite tricky and would usually require a lot of planning, not to mention the cost of such shipment. Making arrangements for international freight shipping of art objects is a little complicated and would require some useful knowledge on customs documentations and the regulations governing the transport of certain objects. Inexperienced artists and organizers are usually advised to hire the services and expertise of a highly regarded shipping agent who will be able to adeptly manage the necessary measures to ensure a successful shipment.

Most international freight shipping companies have certain field of specialties. Some are more experienced in the shipment of general goods such as furniture and there are a few who really specialize in transporting different artworks. Make sure you choose the shipping agent that has extensive experience in handling delicate art pieces, otherwise you will run the risk of having your art objects treated as ordinary furniture.

It is important to plan ahead of time when you want to avail some international freight shipping services for your precious art objects. Organizers of art exhibits would normally have a large-scale shipment so it is essential to plan at least three months ahead. Be sure to have a copy of the range of quotes and competitive rates of shipping agents so you will have a basis for making a comparison. In inquiring for shipping fees, include the cost of delays, custom clearance rates and freight charges. It is also highly advisable to visit the premises of your shipping agent to check how they usually handle and store the artworks.

It is also important to provide all the necessary documents and required paperwork for the international freight shipping of art objects to avoid needless delays or even seizure of your goods, which would undoubtedly incur more additional charges. Such delays could potentially wreck havoc on the finances and on the promotions of the exhibit, so it would be best to make all the preparations than suffer because of negligence.

Depending on the type of art objects (paintings, sculptures, etc.), it is equally imperative to oversee the packing and storage of the art objects to ensure that all the art pieces will not suffer any damage or scratches. Ask for expert assistance on what would be the best shipping material to use that would provide sufficient security against any damages or shock during the movements in transit. Some international freight shipping companies have specially designed foam moulds that are tailor made to absorb shocks and even regulate the temperature.

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